Phase One XT Unboxing Video

Take a look at the XT’s unboxing, as we go through all of the well-packaged camera system’s components and accessories.

Phase One XT Image Gallery

XT Product Images We’ve put together a library of images showing the XT a variety of configurations and settings. Click over to our DT Commercial Photo site to browse through them.

9 Surprising Details About the XT

We’ve begged Phase One to make a tech camera for years. The integration and simplification possibilities were obvious, and with so many clients using tech cameras designed by various third parties, it made perfect sense for Phase One to design…

The XT: 24mm of movement possibilities

The Phase One XT provides 12mm of movement in any direction*, for a total range of 24mm of rise/fall and 24mm of shift left/right. This is the same range as the Canon TSE lenses, but many existing tech cameras offer…

Suggested Accessories for the Phase One XT

The Phase One XT comes with everything you need to get started shooting, but there are a few accessories and add-ons you might consider that will extend its flexibility, function, and enjoyability. DT Exclusive Customizations DT Rosewood Grip for the…