The Phase One X-Shutter Platform is Expanding

The innovative Phase One X-Shutter System is now expanding to 20 Schneider and Rodenstock lenses, and for the first time, tilt and swing can be achieved on the XT! Read more about the X-Shutter rehousing program, and get in line to bring your tech camera…

Phase One XT – Technical Specifications

Below are the basic technical specifications of Phase One’s XT Field Camera System. CAMERA CONTROLS & INTERFACE XT functions Shutter release Dual-action with customizable half press Horizontal dial 12mm shift to the left 12mm shift to the right Vertical dial…

3 Ways the Phase One XT Makes Tech Cameras Easy

Have you always wanted to get into tech cameras, but cost and complexity made you stop short? Take a minute to consider the ways the Phase One XT makes tech cameras more affordable and easier to use than ever before.…

Lens Development Priority

The XT is launching with 3 amazing lenses from Rodenstock – a 70mm, 32mm, and 23mm. Click this lens development priority survey link to provide official feedback on what lens and lens types you’d like to see supported next.

Request New IQ4 Features

We want to hear from you! What features would you like to see added to the IQ4 in the future? The the incredible power of the Infinity Platform, we’ve only scratched the surface of what the IQ4 is capable of.…

Phase One XT Unboxing Video

Take a look at the XT’s unboxing, as we go through all of the well-packaged camera system’s components and accessories.

The XT Is Smaller and Lighter Than You Think

What Does the XT Weigh? The Phase One XT system is comprised of a back, body, and lens. Unlike some tech cameras the XT comes with a grip and dovetail mount, natively rotates from horizontal to vertical, and does not…

Phase One XT RAW File Download

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the razor sharp 16-bit raw files of the Phase One XT, click over to our Phase One XT RAW file download page.

Phase One XT Image Gallery

XT Product Images We’ve put together a library of images showing the XT a variety of configurations and settings. Click over to our DT Commercial Photo site to browse through them.

A Tech Cam by Any Other Name

The Most Important Unimportant Part of the XT Launch The Phase One XT has arrived. This is the first tech camera with… er…It’s a mirrorless, full-frame format featuring…Um, it’s the younger, cooler brother to the XF that…(Sigh.) This is not…